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Reply Rob
1:33 PM on April 20, 2013 
the haggler says...
al give e a tenner for yin o thae tops on the 'sale'page!

Aye right
Reply the haggler
7:15 AM on April 19, 2013 
al give e a tenner for yin o thae tops on the 'sale'page!
Reply ex skin
1:31 PM on April 15, 2013 
A bit negative are you not'disgusted supporter'!!i think the coach deserves a bit of credit&thanks for his efforts in gettin the club to the level he get all your thanks at once it seems!
Reply Fan
2:58 AM on April 11, 2013 
Good point. Well done Bruce and Rummel for keeping the leadership going the last few months and also Gerry and Davie when the focus on was obviously Kelso elsewhere.
Reply linsay neish
8:39 AM on April 10, 2013 
well down to players and club for finishing 5th .good win last week .special mention to bruce and rumel kept side together all season
Reply Disgusted Supporter
4:26 AM on April 10, 2013 
Well done to the players for getting 5th. Disappointed we have been shafted for the 7s though. Pulled out all of them apparantly because ooo couldnt get a squad. Aye right. Hidden agenda mare like. Pigbarians must be mare important or a paid gig. Yin or the twae. Cheers for that. It winnae be forgotten
Reply Alan Armstrong aka Ex-Driver
1:16 PM on March 9, 2013 
Not ideal playing conditions but a decent result no less, shame the 'Fridge' suffered from
'Billy Butterfingers' syndrome in what should have been a certain try that almost had the huge crowd cheering but alas it was not to be.
Reply Rob
5:28 AM on March 9, 2013 
Apologies that no team has been published this week but as of 10.30am this morning we dont have 15 players. I cant publish a team if we dont have one.
Reply Whitey
5:00 PM on March 8, 2013 
Just turn up
Reply Alan Armstrong aka Ex-Driver
8:35 AM on March 8, 2013 
Does anyone know who is taking names for the domino night, or does one just turn up beforehand.
Reply Rob
5:42 AM on March 3, 2013 
Fridges try will be up later on today and to all the doom and gloom merchants I heard moaning from my scaffold position yesterday we can still finish 3rd in the league which would be a massive achievement this season.
Reply Alan Armstrong aka Ex-Driver
5:18 AM on March 3, 2013 
Well done to the 'Fridge' on a fantastic try, no doubt taking lessons from Wullie (5 yards) Blacklock.
Sadly we were not the hungriest or meanest team on the park yesterday, we were 2nd to the ball in too many occassions and we were punished for it, hardly getting over the game line is never easy.
However we did rally in the 2nd half, causing the Haddington coaching staff to have a near seizure, as we massed up to 20 points on the board in a short spell, but we knew by then the match was beyond us. Next week it is the turn of the bottom of the table side Morgan Academy, let's get our heads together and not turn this into a banana skin episode, pride cometh before a fall, well we had the fall from grace, time to climb up again, c'mon guys give us something to roar about.
See you all next week.
Reply Whitey
12:27 PM on February 25, 2013 
About time we rallied behind the club and the coaches and see out the season with a bang we don't turn into a bad team overnight!!! The work jammy, Davie and Gerry have done at training with limited numbers has been nothing short of extraordinary and also jammy in getting 15 bodies together to pull on the red jersey every saturday!! Once a red always a red
Reply Rob
5:29 AM on February 25, 2013 
Member and Redskins IP addresses have now been blocked. This was supposed to be a closed page for members only but the recent outage by webs reset all the parameters.These posters are not bona fide approved members of this site and managed to slip through the net. The page security has now been re-set and the offending posts removed. Apologies also to Derek Wood whose valid post I accidentally deleted and just for added security I have now password protected the entire website which means it can no longer be viewed by the general public.
Reply Gerry McGuinness
5:02 AM on February 25, 2013 
Just because the 'older blokes' are saying it does't make it right. I hope you realise how pathetic that sounds. Yes it is a fact that since Jammy took on the job as Kelso D.O. We haven't won, but that has nothing to do with the losses. For the perfectly valid reasons given by Jammy, we haven't had people training like they should be and were, in the pre and early season. On Tuesday there were 6 people training and one of them was Ross Graham who wasn't allowed to play for us as he is in the Scotland U18 squad. The Thursday night before Peebles we had no lineout jumpers at training so no lineout practise and no scrummaging practise either. This is fairly common. Have the 'older blokes' factored that in. When the 'older blokes' played you could get away with not training every week as the game was different then. Not now. If you don't put the work in, you get punished. We have had to play in recent weeks including Saturday past players such as Graeme Cannon, Shaun and Glyn Desport, and Josh Farmer who haven't trained or played this season. They have shown great commitment to come out and do their best for the club, and why have they done this? To play for Jammy and for the Redskins. To have a go at Jammy anonyously is beneath contempt after all he has put into the club. Grow a pair, and put your name to your criticisms. Everybody is entitled to their own view of what's happening at the club, but hiding behind nom de plumes helps nobody.
Reply Jammy
2:33 PM on February 24, 2013 
Redskin, i wish you would hide behind a different name because your certainly no Redskin.
The losses have come against some decent teams,players dont turn up at training because they have to earn a living in most cases.The coach has 2 small children and a wonderful woman who works nightshift and its not always easy to get babysitters.The coach has missed plenty of sessions over the last 7 years and training has been taken by Ice,Davie or Gerry who are all excellent coaches.
The good work and reputation of this club has been built over 93 years and not 3 years.
There are real Redskins at the club who will continue to do their best to help the club survive.
The older blokes have seen more difficult times than this before and rolled up their sleeves to steer the club through troubled waters and no doubt will do so again.
If indeed you were a Redskin you would know the full facts behind our squad problems so kindly take your poison off elsewhere.
Member,i quite possibly have never had the plot never mind lost it.Thanks for your support!!
Reply loon
3:42 PM on February 23, 2013 
60 odd point defeat ..whats happening ?
Reply Member
5:11 PM on February 17, 2013 
Well done on Jammy showing Hawick YM committee how things should be run
Reply Alan Armstrong
6:16 AM on February 16, 2013 
Good luck today boys, bring em hell.
Reply loon
8:40 AM on February 8, 2013 
thank you
Reply hawickym
7:00 AM on February 8, 2013 
Dexter says...
Are we likely to get a team announcement on the website tonight?

Team is now up to view
Reply Dexter
11:40 AM on February 7, 2013 
Are we likely to get a team announcement on the website tonight?
Reply loon
4:01 PM on February 5, 2013 
Stuart Camerons match highlights on borders rugby tv website
Reply Rob
2:13 PM on February 5, 2013 
2 answers to previous post. No and there weren't any, and there will be nothing for this Friday either.
Reply Dexter
10:45 AM on February 5, 2013 
Any match report or match highlights from the Hawick game? What happened to the coverage of the Selkirk and Jed games?
Reply RT
4:58 AM on February 5, 2013 
Another meaningless fixture this weekend while Howe get to stretch their lead over us to 20 points at Morgan. 15 weeks between league matches is almost an entire league campaign. This season has deteriorated into one shambolic mess, We are almost at the stage now where it is pointless actually playing any more games. Points on the board are better than games in hand and we are almost at the point of no return. Nothing less now than a 5 pointer against Peebles and it's season over, thats if it isn't already over. SRU hang your heads in shame. 11 Saturdays 11 league games and then you go and f**k up the whole season. 4 months between leagues games could only happen where the SRU are involved.
Reply Rob
6:48 AM on February 2, 2013 
If a team is picked and given to me on a Thursday night I will post. If a bunch of names is flung at me just for the sake of it saying team from then I wont because thats just a cop out meaning there isn't a team picked. I've better things to do than jump on and off here all the time, especially for a pointless fixture which is just a glorified friendly with nothing at stake,
Reply loon
6:38 AM on February 2, 2013 
thanks bode
Reply Bode
3:31 AM on February 2, 2013 
Wullie,Ross graham,fridge,Mabon,b.thomson,Cowan,Hogg,rummel,Bruce,dean,kell,M
ichael,Jason,Gregor,hilly!bench bode,billy,zoomba and not sure who else!
Reply derek wood
1:40 PM on February 1, 2013 
what happen to team sheet this week?
Reply Alan Armstrong aka Ex-Driver
10:27 AM on February 1, 2013 
No news is good news they say, but now we are having complete silence.
Is there a match tomorrow, any idea of the team selection, or have the website admins given up completely on this. Do appreciate the need for info, if it does not come though you cannot post it out.
Shame really, it all looked so promising then it went downhill like a ferret down a rabbit hole.
Reply loon
4:18 PM on January 31, 2013 
strong Hawick team selected
Reply loon
6:35 AM on January 30, 2013 
is there no news going on nowadays?

seems nothing happens in Hawick
Reply loon
11:28 AM on January 24, 2013 
more snow forecast
Reply Rob
6:11 AM on January 23, 2013 
skinatingaling says...
Not much happening on the guestbook these day

That's what happens when you cut off the neds lifelines.. It probaby goes to prove that no-one really wants to have a guestbook.
Reply skinatingaling
1:20 PM on January 22, 2013 
Not much happening on the guestbook these day
Reply Alan Armstrong aka Ex-Driver
8:56 AM on January 13, 2013 
Nearly another upset, but not quite, fair result under the circumstances, with personnel out or missing, it was the best anyone could hope for. Playing this high up, you need a big squad for days when there's a lack of numbers, and it showed yesterday. It's the league games that matter most, but getting anything from the RBS cup or Borders League would be a bonus. Onwards and upwards.
Reply Alan Armstrong aka Ex-Driver
7:36 PM on January 11, 2013 
Here's hoping this does not get abused like the open guestbook was, and whilst we are here, good luck to the boys tomorrow, I will be there to cheer you on.
Reply Rob
11:51 AM on January 10, 2013 
This is a members only page to post comments that replaces the guestbook which clearly has outlived it's usefullness. You can post here safe in the knowledge that it's vetted. This is a new APP provided by the web hosts which is why it hasn't been used in the past.